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Welcome to Swift River Chiropractic

We're pleased to support the families of Belchertown. Our mission is to work with you
to increase function and mobility and decrease pain levels to allow you to be more productive with your life!

The Belchertown Chiropractor for Your Family!

Swift River Chiropractic Is Focused on Wellness

At Swift River Chiropractic we are focused on applying our chiropractic expertise to help area families. Belchertown chiropractor, Dr. Bethany Boehle has been practicing chiropractic since 2007. She has experience working alongside other chiropractors and has run her own animal chiropractic practice, Equine K9 Chiropractic. This spring, she is now opening a practice to care for you!

Dr. Boehle loves how family oriented Belchertown is. This is why she has focused her practice on caring for families. She is trained in a wide range of techniques and has worked with all ages, from pediatric to geriatric patients.

The Importance of Symmetry

Dr. Boehle’s goal is always to be as gentle as possible while providing the most relief and increased functioning
as possible. In addition to providing adjustments for her patients, Dr. Boehle works with them to understand
how to use their bodies better.

What does she mean by this? “Using your body symmetrically in both directions can actually
decrease quite a bit of your pain,” says Dr. Boehle. By using your body better, you’ll be
sure to never put too much weight or stress on one side of the body, perhaps the “stronger”
side, and forget about the other. Dr. Boehle also emphasizes the importance of posture,
and sitting and standing nice and evenly.

Live the Life You Want to Live

Dr. Boehle focuses on increasing patient functioning and decreasing pain so that
her patients can live productive lives. If your body isn’t in proper alignment,
then your nerves are experiencing interference and your body is not
working as it should.

Get back to health! Give us a call at (413) 213-1114 to schedule your first appointment!

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