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Swift River Chiropractic Reviews

“Dr. Beth has helped immensely from my first visit. With her help, my pain levels are back under control. She has excellent communication skills, thorough tiered treatment, and her insightful feedback on how to help me maintain better alignment extends beyond my appointments. Highly recommended!”
Sarah H.

“Made Me Feel Completely Relaxed”

My first chiropractor session my entire life went way easier than I thought. I was fearful about it but she made me feel completely relaxed and calm, even when it came time to adjust my neck. Didn’t even know it was coming and felt great. I’m looking forward to going back
- Jaimie K.

“Pain Free For the First Time in Many Years!”

“Beth is amazing and honestly helped so much with back pain that I thought would never get better! I’m pain free for the first time in many years! Such a sweet person and so accommodating and patient.”
- Christine C.

“A remarkable experience. After 21 years under the hands of my previous chiropractor I was nervous about starting with someone new. Dr. Boehle was really present to me, listened, has a wonderful easy sense of humor, offered thorough explanations, and had confident hands for my first adjustment. I am very pleased to have found Dr. Boehle.”
Rose S.

“Time Taken To Listen To The Patient”

Dr. Beth takes time to listen to the patient, share her thoughts for the best method of treatment and makes sure to answer all questions the patient has. Her enjoyment of working with people really comes through in her kind, thoughtful, caring manner. Dr. Beth has never made me feel time pressured, she doesn’t “watch the clock”. Her focus is to give the proper treatment!
- Cecelia B.

“She Is Very Caring And Patient”

“Dr. Bethany Boehle is one of the finest chiropractors I have been fortunate enough to have treat my sciatica and other chiropractic needs. I have Multiple Sclerosis and I have been seeing her for over a year, she is very caring and patient and my confidence in her is infinite because she takes my MS symptoms and the limitations I face daily into consideration when making my treatment plan. I highly recommend her to anyone needing chiropractic care.”
- David McPhee

“Dr. Boehle has really done wonders for my injury. She is very compassionate and understanding to each patients individual needs.”
Danielle Bettro

“An All Around Positive Experience”

“Its always nice to see Dr. Boehle, smile on her face every visit and just gives an all around positive experience. Also very knowledgeable and helpful with tips and exercises.”
- Robin Graf

“Very Happy With The Care Dr. Bethany Boehle Provides

I am an avid believer in the use of chiropractic care. Through the years it has helped me deal with back pain. I am a retired police officer after 28 years but became victim of at least two serious cruiser accidents during my career. I suffered a serious whiplash in one and traumatic back pain in the other accident. Read more»

However, I went through the normal courses of treatments such as therapy sessions and pills prescribed but to no avail. I was still left dealing with back pain all the time and no hope. However, one day someone advised me to try to see a chiropractor and I made an appointment.

The change in my suffering all the time became apparent to me that chiropractic adjustments started to provide me more comfort in my pain level. Therefore, I remained receiving this type of care through different chiropractors through at least 30 years now. I have always been a true client but through retirements and chiropractors moving I had to keep changing. I currently am a client of Dr. Bethany Boehle’s. I am very happy with the care Dr. Bethany Boehle provides me and the way she treats my symptoms. Also, she provides each client with certain exercises to do to help alleviate your pain level. I have been a client with Dr. Boehle going on two years now and really appreciate her care. However the bottom line is I will always be a chiropractic patient. The treatment and solutions have provided me more comfort with pain over any other methods.”

- Stanley Y., Retired Police Officer

“I hadn’t been for chiropractic visits for quite some time. I’m so glad I found Bethany Boehle to help me with a pinched nerve. She is amazing! She nailed it and I’m already feeling almost 100% better. I will definitely continue with preventative chiropractic visits after I get past this nerve issue.”
Barbara G.

“Everything Was Explained to Me”

“I truly loved that everything was explained to me. I know nothing about what was going on with me, just that I was in pain and I was explained what is going on and how to fix it. It was very refreshing. Also, being shown on the spine example was eye opening. I am a visual learner and so I really appreciated that!”
- Sarah B.

“Very Calming & Welcoming”

“Doctor Beth is very attentive and accommodating and has shared a lot of helpful health knowledge with me that goes beyond chiropractic care. I never truly realized how much pain I was ignoring and accepting until I was feeling better than ever after a few adjustments. I am much more aware of how I stand, sit and move my body after learning from her how to keep my muscles and bones working their best. She is also very calming and welcoming, which definitely makes or breaks an experience and atmosphere for me.”
- Mary M.

“Swift River Chiropractic always has my back!! She is so patient and helpful, and explains why my body feels the way it does, and how I can help myself outside of the office. I have referred all my family and friends!”
Ariah W.

“Raging Sciatica Was Brought Under Control”

“After just my first visit, my raging sciatica was brought under control to an extent I never thought possible! I am fully confident Dr. Boehle can pull everything back into balance – and I plan to see her regularly to keep it that way.”
- Nancy A

“Diligent, Thorough & Absolutely Amazing”

“Dr. Beth is diligent, thorough, and absolutely amazing. Her blend of utilizing electroshock and precision hand adjustments had me feeling relief even after my first visit. She will work with you to find and provide the best relief possible.”
- Sean H.

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